This website had its beginning after I attended an atheist meeting in order to determine why some chose to disbelieve. I was surprised to learn that atheists weren’t interested in the disappearance of creationism, or the literal reading of the Bible, as both were the best means they had in bringing people to unbelief.  Some stories in the Bible, if taken literally, do appear to be mythical. On further examination I came to the conclusion that the stories in the book of Genesis are based on real events and only appear to be mythical stories. The creation story and the flood of Noah are events that happened in a remote age long before the development of writing. They were passed down as oral tradition over many centuries before committed to writing by Moses. In their passage down through the ages it is reasonable to assume that the final written message does not precisely match the original. Human beings are not infallible. 
     An example is found in the opening verse of the Genesis account of the flood of Noah. God supposedly is causing the death of a vast number of humans and animals and that would include little children and infants. How does one reconcile this with the gentle nature of Jesus who laid down His life for humanity?  In the ancient world when there was a natural disaster the belief was that it obviously was brought about by God to punish humans for some transgression.  The belief that God was drowning humans is apparently a belief appended to the story some time in its passage over time as the Bible provides evidence that the flood was not world-wide and that God thus did not cause the death of anyone.
     The controversy between creationism and evolution has impeded the teaching of biological science in this country and as aforementioned given atheism a means of disputing the Bible. I found that there appear two major reasons why some reject evolution.

1- Evolution contradicts the Biblical account.
     The creation story of Genesis, chapter’s one through four, provides subtle evidence that they are describing evolution. Adam’s missing rib is still missing in modern humans and the fiery sword of Genesis 3:24 still exists. These are two things that the ancients could not have known of on their own. Jesus never mentions the creation story so why should any of us be concerned? In the Jewish uprising against Roman occupation in 66 AD Judaism came perilously close to being extinguished. If it had been eliminated Christianity would not be overly affected.

2- The Bible clearly states that the universe was created in six twenty-four hour days.
     The Hebrew word ‘muth’, (to die) refutes this claim. Tracing the age of the Patriarchs back to the original source reveals an age of the earth in agreement with modern geology.

3- Evolution promotes atheism.
     Neither evolution nor science in general are capable of answering the question as to whether there is or is not a God. Both remain neutral on the question. 4- “I certainly didn’t evolve from some ape.”
     Of all the objections to evolution this is a major reason. Apes (Primates) branched off from the Humanoid line about 6 ½ million years ago. If all of our ancestors were lined up their line would contain over 360,000 individuals stretched over 274 miles.

Relax. Read the stories on the website. Your Bible is safe. It only requires a better interpretation.