The Evolution of Genesis:

The Common Sense Biblical Interpretation

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1 – Why Does the Controversy Persist?
            The evidence for evolution is overwhelming, so why does creationism persist? The answer has nothing to do with the Bible.

2 – The Genesis Creation Story:
            The story of creation matches the findings of evolution. Adam’s missing rib and the flaming sword of Genesis 3:24 are real and exist to this day.

3 – The Age of the Patriarchs Problem:
Traditional interpretation has the Patriarchs living to 900 plus years, but they are actually much older.

4 – Noah’s Ark and the Flood:
          There was a flood, but it wasn’t worldwide. There was an ark, but it wasn’t built of wood nor did it look like the traditional rendering. Animals were taken aboard, but they were few in number and didn’t come from all over the world. There are three simple experiments that anyone can conduct that verifies these claims.

       5 – The Location of the Garden of Eden and the

Land of Havilah:
            Where are the Four Rivers of Paradise? Where is the Garden of Eden and the location

of Havilah?

 6 – Identification of Bdellium & Eben Hashshoham:
            Theologians have debated for centuries about what bdellium is and the mysterious eben hashshoham. Identification of the latter solves the problem of the engraved diamond in the breast plate of the Jewish chief priest.

 7 – The Shroud of Turin: 
The Bible gives evidence that the Shroud of Turin is a medieval fake.

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